Spayathon fundraising drive a success

SteriliseOurStrays has announced that funds raised for the Spayathon in April surpassed all expectations.

And it was all thanks to the “the international grant of the SPCA-I in New York, an anonymous private donation, Sid Richardson’s donation, Elaine Archer’s fundraisers, and quite some private smaller donations, and the amazing results of our online Valentine’s Day Auction which raised €3,300”.

Said Ginie de Weerd, campaign organiser: “We may even be able to sterilise 350 cats! This support from individuals, local businesses, and the SPCA-I is truly much appreciated and needed. There is a huge divide in boroughs in the Algarve when it comes to sterilisation efforts and animal welfare.”

SteriliseOurStrays is also able to organise this Spayathon because of the efforts, cooperation and help of Albufeira municipality and council vet Dr Cristina Pereira. “She is fully aware of the importance of sterilisation and is an advocate for us all in animal welfare – sterilisation is the only way forward!” said Ginie, who went on to explain:

What is a Spayathon?
It is simply a massive sterilisation campaign/project in a short amount of time to reduce the number of unwanted animals and have an instant impact on the local overpopulation of cats. In one week in April, we aim to sterilise/castrate over 300 cats!

Who can and should apply?
• Everyone in the boroughs of Loulé or Albufeira and, of course, associations are invited to email too. People with unsterilised cat(s) and kitten(s) can apply.
• Caretakers of cat colonies of all size can and should apply.

What are the costs involved?
• The Spayathon is fully financed by SteriliseOurStrays – 300 cats at €47 each, including deworming and defleaing, total €14,100.
• The spayathon will be completely free to cats living in colonies and on the street. All cats will also be dewormed and defleaed.
• Owners of cats will have to pay for the microchipping and registration, and a financial donation will be asked for and much appreciated as it allows us to help more animals.

Those wishing to get in contact, should do so by email only: [email protected]