Spanish streetfood vendor ‘loses’ €25,000 in backpack… and gets it all back

A Spanish streetfood vendor is counting his lucky stars after a festival in Paredes de Coura, in which he lost a backpack containing €25,000, which represented two-days takings.

GNR police found it, and made sure the man and his money were reunited.

“He is very lucky”, said a source for Viana do Castelo police station. “If it hadn’t been us, he would probably never have seen the money again”.

As it was, the man had to produce all kinds of evidence to prove the money was his.

Police were already aware that it belonged to someone connected with food, as inside the backpack were various notes about “bifanas and snacks”, all of them written in Spanish.

The man had been in charge of a caravan selling snacks and drinks at the entrance to the two-day festival, at the point where it connected to a campsite.