Spanish fishermen cut off traffic on Guadiana bridge

Protest called against Spanish citizens and retailers buying fish in Portugal

A group of around 50 Spanish fishermen organised a protest this morning which cut off traffic on the International Guadiana Bridge between Andalusia (Spain) and the Algarve for more than one hour.

The group was demonstrating against Spanish citizens and retailers who travelled to Portugal to purchase fish because of the strike called by fishermen in the Huelva province against high petrol prices.

The protest started shortly after 7am on the Spanish side of the bridge and saw fishermen burning several tyres, which caused a large plume of smoke and led authorities to cut off traffic on the bridge.

According to municipal sources cited by Spanish agency Efe, traffic was resumed around one hour and a half after the protest started.

Portuguese news agency Lusa adds that the protest was not linked to any fishermen’s association.

The protest was carried out one day after the Andalusian fishing sector decided to extend its strike into next week when a meeting with the Spanish Ministry of Agriculture, Fishing and Food is due to take place.

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