Spanish fishermen caught in Portuguese waters

THREE SPANISH fishing boats were spotted by Portuguese maritime police as they breached international fishing laws, illegally catching Portuguese fish stock.

Maritime police attempted to stop the vessels in Portuguese-Spanish border waters in Vila Real de Santo António on October 30.  The boats immediately fled and returned to Spanish waters to escape detainment.

Although the maritime police were unable to apprehend the fishing boats they were able to identify them and will be pursuing legal action against those responsible for the vessels.

According to the maritime police the boats were not only in waters they were unauthorised to be in, but they were also using a form of hydraulic blasting fishing system that has been outlawed in Portugal.

The companies that are responsible for the boats will now face fines of between 2,500 euros and 49,000 euros for their infringements of the maritime laws, including the failure to stop at the request of the maritime police.

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