Sotavento promotes itself

THE SOTAVENTO Association (ASA) has approved a plan which aims to draw more European tourists to the eastern Algarve. The association recently had a stand at London’s World Travel Market, promoting the Sotavento and trying to generate business opportunities for its members.

At the request of Tavira Câmara, the ASA arranged for a delegation of French officials, headed by the Mayor of St Tropez, Jean-Michel Couve Maire, to visit the Benamor golf course. The Sotavento Association also organised, with the support of the Algarve Tourist Board, two educational trips for French and Danish journalists and tour operators to visit golf courses and hotels in the eastern Algarve. In a workshop for French representatives and a cocktail party for Danish representatives, the ASA presented products and services from the Sotavento region.

The association has supported other initiatives, developed by the Algarve Tourist Board, including press trips for Spanish and East European journalists and educational visits for Canadian and Portuguese travel agents.