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Looking for a professional reliable UKTV service? Look no further! SOS UKTV has been established for over 20 years. From day one we noticed the need for reliable UK TV solutions. These solutions are now provided via the internet.

Our Reputation and Service
SOS UKTV is now solidly established as the Algarve’s first and only choice of UKTV companies supplying only the highest quality equipment. A family company you can rely on. Our customer service is unrivalled offering 24 hours, seven days a week, customer support.

We pride ourselves on being the only internet TV provider in Europe that has its own independent UK based server. Therefore, we guarantee no buffering or break-up, if your internet download speed is 3 mbps or above.

We provide the latest MAG box connected to our own UK server. This service is provided to our clients and our clients only and is not resold to other companies, meaning your service is coming direct to you and not via a third party. We offer three packages:

Silver Package
All UK freeview channels with two-week catch-up TV. This comes with a version of VOD (video on demand) whereby any movie that has been on any of the freeview channels is recorded and stored to watch whenever you like.

Gold Package
All UK freeview channels, plus all Sky channels excluding sports, with two-week catch-up TV. This package also includes VOD – this is a selection of over 8000 movies and box sets available to watch whenever you like. This is updated regularly.

Platinum Package
All UK freeview channels, plus all Sky channels including all sports channels and 10 EPL Channels (English Premier League 3 o’clock kick offs), with two-week catch-up. This package also includes VOD as the previous one. This is updated regularly.

You can also use a USB stick to download any of the movies or box sets from VOD to watch on other devices or direct through your TV. So, if for some reason your internet is down, you still have something to watch.

These boxes will work anywhere in the world as long as you have the required internet speed. However, as of 1st July 2020 if you are using the system in the UK you will need a VPN (Virtual Private Network). Anyone needing this can e-mail us for a link to order from our own dedicated VPN Supplier (no middle man – no extra costs).

English TV is now becoming increasingly more important to holiday makers, especially those with small children. There are very few properties in the Algarve who offer UK TV, so by installing our system you are guaranteed to have the edge on your competitors, therefore increasing your rental potential.

We also offer satellite spares and repairs, and all our systems come with a full year’s warranty.

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