Sorry for the inconvenience says British Embassy

By: Chris Graeme

[email protected]

THE BRITISH Embassy in Lisbon has appealed for patience following complaints from residents in the city’s Rua São Bernardo about on-going essential security work.

Residents say the work is creating an eyesore, has slowed traffic and cars have access difficulties leaving and entering the garages of adjoining apartment complexes.

The modifications, estimated to cost around 130,000 euros, started at the end of last year to beef up security.

Two islands are being built in the road, intended to impede traffic on the lane nearest to the embassy’s entrance.

Similar measures were undertaken in the aftermath of September 11, at the United States Embassy in Lisbon.

A British Embassy spokesperson told The Resident on February 7: “This situation is not new and it is not the first time we have been approached with complaints over work being carried out.


“We cannot discuss the details of security measures at this time, but we can say that the works have been done with the full co-operation and permission of the local junta de freguesia, Lisbon Câmara and following consultations with the local residents’ association.”

The embassy spokesperson also apologised for the inconvenience caused, said the work was being carried out as quickly as possible and added that “the end result would hopefully make the street look better”.

The works, being undertaken by construction company Vasco da Cunha, are expected to be completed by mid-March, but, says the company, should have been completed last month.

President of the Santa Isabel junta de freguesia, João Ferreira said: “I understand the security issues surrounding the embassy, although I do think they are taking somewhat exaggerated measures.

“There should have been a compromise between the embassy’s security and the necessities of the residents.”

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