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Sooty, sweep and food

British magician Paul Daniels has become the centre of a pizza related scandal after it was reported in The Sun newspaper that he was hospitalised after Sooty the puppet threw a pizza at him during the filming of the latest CITV Sooty series.

The incident, being dubbed as “pizzagate”, has led to Paul Daniels retaliating against the reporting in The Sun via the micro blogging site Twitter. He tweeted: “BIG FACT. Ignore the SUN news. That Sooty accident was AGES ago and I am well, happy and raring to start the Ed Fringe.”

Later he added: “All that happened is that I got hit in the eye with a pizza and called into a lovely local hospital on the way home to have it checked.”

Sooty the puppet tweeted: “I would just like to say sorry to Paul Daniels,” and then added: “Pizza is off the cards tonight.”