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Soothe your body with a massage

By: Nikki Martin

Quinta Jacintina

Sports and Thai yoga massage are two effective massages that balance physical and well-being needs.

Today’s life leads to many things being done in excess and consequently people increasingly deal with physical and emotional stress. This stress leads to muscle tension. Focussing on reducing this excess tension and muscle stiffness through Thai yoga massage and sports massage is a way to alleviate these conditions.

Thai yoga massage is a unique form of body therapy which has increasingly become popular in the western world. It incorporates a manipulative stretch, improving soft tissue mobility, and releases tension, toxins and metabolic waste via pressure points.

Sports massage is an energising form of deep tissue massage, which increases the supply of oxygenated blood and nutrients to the tissues, reduces blood pressure and speeds up the removal of metabolic waste products from the tissues.

It takes the ancient principles of massage, practised throughout the world for centuries and applies them with a greater understanding of how the human body functions.

Although the title of these massages presumes an emphasis on active clients, anyone who is suffering from a condition that limits what they do will benefit.

They remove metabolic wastes and lower the pressure in muscle tissues and fascia, which reduces irritation of nerve endings and leads to a reduction in pain and muscle tension.

They also increase the rate of healing and tissue repair by influencing the production and formation of collagen fibres. Although the latter statement encourages the emphasis of treatment and cure, one particular issue which is firmly recognised: ‘prevention before cure’ is a statement a lot of us still ignore!

We have all experienced some sort of pain, discomfort or limited movement at some point but what we as a society still do is wait until we physically feel this pain before receiving treatment! The benefits of massage are clear. We just need to utilise them.

So start living your life the way your body was born to move!!