Something To Tell You

Something To Tell You by Hanif Kureishi is out in paperback at 9.60 euros

Something to Tell You follows the fortunes of a successful psychoanalyst who, as the book opens, is reflecting on his coming-of-age in 1970s suburbia, on his first love and on a brutal act of violence which he finds hard to forget.

The book captures that decade’s sense of sexual freedom and the exhilaration of the drug culture – as well as the violent struggle between the forces of labour and capital. The events of those years provide a vivid backdrop to the drama that develops thirty years later as the characters face an encroaching middle age with the traumas of their youth still unresolved.

Like The Buddha of Suburbia, this is full-to-bursting with energy as the characters struggle with desire. At times comic, at times painfully tender, the book is a reflection on the nature of relations between men and women, parents and children.