Some perfect little stocking fillers to appeal to all tastes.jpg

Some perfect little stocking fillers to appeal to all tastes

The Puzzle Addict’s Book of Codes  

by Philip Carter

This title is part of a new series of fun books, aimed at puzzle fans of all ages, who need a fresh challenge after Sudoku. If you ever fancied being an expert code-breaker, this is the right book. The initial puzzles are fairly straightforward, becoming fiendishly difficult as you learn how they work.

You’ll discover how to unravel codes, ciphers, deception puzzles, standard and keyed cryptograms, pangrams and many more. Plus the answers are in the back!

Philip Carter is puzzle editor of Enigmasig, the newsletter of the British Mensa special interest puzzle group.

Available in paperback at 9.50 euros

The Little Book of Golf Tips

by Peter French

Over 50 invaluable tips for golfers and a huge helping hand for your handicap. This little book has tips that will take you from tee to pin, extricate you from bunkers and other lies and get you around 18 holes and back to the clubhouse in true and trimmer fashion! Well, we can all hope!

Available in tiny paperback at 4.70 euros

Richard Baker’s CLASSICAL MUSIC QUIZ BOOK  by Richard Baker

A treasure trove of over 600 quiz questions for classical music lovers. No matter how much you think you know about classical music, you’ll find plenty of baffling questions and surprising answers in this little tome. Examples include: “Which southern Italian dance was wrongly said to be a cure for a spider bite?” and, “Which composer is alleged to have poisoned Mozart?”

Available in small hardcover at 11 euros

Drinking Games

by Biggie Fries

Instructions and inspiration for over 100 games with cards, dice, words and actions – suitable for those who like a drop (or two) of Christmas spirit. From established classics such as Circle of Death and Drop the Penny, to the more bizarre, such as Dice Man and Bunko, this book contains hundreds of ways to make getting sloshed more entertaining and includes classic drinkers’ quotes, bar and pub philosophy and a list of hangover cures for the morning after the night before!

Available in paperback at 15.50 euros

Private Eye Colemanballs

by Private Eye

An annual tradition for countless years – since David Coleman started giving us howlers during his sporting commentary – this is Private Eye’s 2006 collection of startlingly funny mistakes from the mouths of pundits, commentators and celebrities.  

Available in paperback at eight euros

Christmas Puzzles and Jokes

by Sandy Ransford

And finally, for children this book is packed full of Christmas crosswords, word searches, side-splitting jokes and lots of activities – a great stocking filler for children aged seven to11 years.

Available in paperback at 6.20 euros