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Solve all your PC problems in Lagoa

As part of an expansion programme across the Algarve by the PC Centre, clients looking to resolve all their computer and technology problems are now able to call into the newly opened PC Centre Lagoa.

The new branch of the highly successful PC Centre was due to open to the public today (Friday) at 6pm with special promotions and offers for clients paying a visit to the new store located at Urb Lagoa-Sol, in Lagoa.

Owners Mark Rawcliffe and Brian Pickford opened the new branch to provide the same high quality service associated with the PC Centre in Lagos but in a location more suitable for those in the central Algarve. Mark Rawcliffe said: “We are able to welcome our technician Sérgio Fortuna, formerly of Algarve Laptops, who will be available at the PC Centre Lagoa to resolve all technical difficulties while also offering sound, easy to understand advice for customers.”

The PC Centre Lagoa offers a full repairs service for laptops, Mac books, towers, and gaming systems while also selling computers and peripherals and is also an official agent for Vodafone Portugal.

“We are able to help with your computer and your phone. As authorised Vodafone agents we can provide anything from topping up your phone to dealing with Vodafone Casa enquiries,” said Mark Rawcliffe.

For a professional, friendly and efficient service, visit the newly opened PC Centre Lagoa open from Monday to Friday between 9am and 6pm and on Saturdays from 9am until 2pm.

For further information, please call 282 312 044 or visit