Solution sought over Vila do Bispo development crisis


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VILA DO BISPO Câmara president, Gilberto Viegas, has met with the Portuguese Secretary of State for Environment, Humberto Rosa, to negotiate a solution for the constraints being imposed by the PNSACV natural park on real estate.

A meeting was held on January 17 after a resolution from Conselho de Ministro, a meeting of ministers where mandatory resolutions are issued, ordered the temporary suspension of construction in several locations of Vila do Bispo and Aljezur districts (see The Resident edition of January 25).

The public protests in reaction to this decision were immediate and Vila do Bispo celebrated its bank holiday, in honour to S. Vincent, with the council’s flag at half mast on January 22.

In an official 22-page document, dated January 11, the Vila do Bispo Câmara expressed its opposition to the decision the government was planning to announce.

Both sides are now negotiating to find a “written commitment” and avoid the suspension of seven of the ten urbanisations mentioned in the government’s resolution, says Gilberto Viegas.

The Resident tried to contact Vila do Bispo Câmara to obtain more details, primarily if it included compensatory measures for property owners who have had their houses embargoed by the natural park for several months now.

However, nobody was available for comment by the time The Resident went to press.

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