Solar power the Algarve

Dear Editor,

I read about AREAL, national studies, meetings, wind power, the Fitch report and oil at 100 dollars a barrel (see The Resident edition of July 7). But, not once do these people mention the sun!

In Florida, they have solar panels on the roofs of houses, which are plugged into the main electricity supply. Firstly, this helps with the consumption of electricity that is required to run the home and then, if any is left, turns the meter backwards, giving the excess power to the national grid.

Why, oh why, do we not do this in the Algarve, BY LAW, if necessary? Every new build must have this. In Florida, some of the houses have panels on the roof, others are the roof!

Come on The Resident, do some research, publish it for us, your readers, and pass this on to the government.

Jackie M, by e-mail

Editor: Dear Jackie M, thank you for your e-mail. We have taken note of your request and The Resident will be looking into the situation.