Sócrates will go down as the prime minister of recession

THE OPPOSITION PSD party believes that José Sócrates will go down in history as the Prime Minister of the government that led Portugal into recession.

However, the Prime Minister counter attacked that the PS party, under his leadership, was the first party to take Portugal out of recession.

The attacks and counter attacks during Prime Minister’s Question Time in the Portuguese Parliament last Wednesday afternoon included a hail of bullets from opposition parties that claimed “recession” was the word the government wanted to hide.

Hugo Velosa, vice-president of the PSD benches, blamed the government for the economic crisis saying it came as a consequence of “the wrong policies since 2005”.

“Engineer Sócrates will go down in history as being the Prime Minister of a government that took the country to recession and will remain there since this recession is going to get a lot worse,” he said.

PS Deputy Vítor Baptista admitted that the country’s state was “far beyond that which was desirable but was in a much better state than in 2005,” when they had taken office.

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