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Sócrates in favour of abortion

PRIME Minister, José Sócrates, is to actively campaign in the forthcoming referendum on abortion.

To the contrary of what happened in 1998 during the last referendum, when António Guterres was prime minister and failed to pin his colours to either the pro or anti abortionist lobbies, José Sócrates is to clearly come out in favour of the Yes lobby.

Paulo Portas of the CDS-PP party has called on moderation from politicians to avoid offending public convictions and sensibilities, while the leader of the PSD, Marques Mendes, said he would not publicly enter the campaign one way or the other, although his personal opinion favoured a No vote.

However, the Prime Minister’s determination to support the abortion lobby in the referendum is making supporters of the Pro Life group apprehensive. They believe that Sócrates’ political position and high profile will influence people to vote for abortion.

Sócrates has stated that: “Today, the PS is against punishing women having abortions and is actively in favour of a Yes vote.”