Sócrates and Salgado appeal against Marquês’ bombshell “instructory decision” 

He may have come out of the courtroom in high jubilation (click here), but since the dust has settled on the bombshell Marquês instructory decision former Socialist prime minister José Sócrates has decided that actually he doesn’t agree with it at all. Sócrates’ view is that Judge Ivo Rosa, in considering he should answer three charges of money-laundering and three of document falsification, has actually come up with  ‘new crimes’ which didn’t appear in the original set of 31 crimes. Also appealing Judge Rosa’s decision-making which caused shockwaves through the country (click here) is disgraced BES banker Ricardo Salgado who disagrees with the accusations against him being ‘separated’ from the original case in order to be heard in court on their own.