Socilist candidate claims Câmara contract is a façade

news: Socilist candidate claims Câmara contract is a façade

LISBON CÂMARA Socialist (PS) candidate, Manuel Maria Carrilho, has demanded answers from Câmara vice president, Carmona Rodrigues, over allegedly subcontracting private collection companies in some of the city’s parking districts. According to the contract, the Câmara’s own public company, Empresa Municipal de Estacionamento de Lisboa (EMEL), is responsible for collecting parking meter fees and giving out ticket fines for parking infractions within the city.

Calling the measure completely irresponsible, Carrilho has questioned the political legitimacy of the private subcontract, accusing it of being a façade that shows the intention of passing the management of the city’s parking from the public to the private domain.

The PS candidate stressed that the contract spells out EMEL’s incompetence in satisfying the objectives it was created to carry out. “Lisbon’s parking is being handed over to companies that have already shown they are incapable of doing the job,” he added.

Carrilho considers it an “absolute scandal” that a contract has been hammered out, while disrespecting the rules that call for different companies being invited to tender bids for the contract in the case of subcontracting. The Socialist runner accused Carmona – considered the front running candidate for the mayoral elections – of once again having struck a deal that is totally irresponsible.

In reply to the accusations, EMEL has completely denied that any form of subcontracting has been set up with any private company. In a press release, it states that it is only sorry that Carrilho insists on politicising and making political capital out of its activities. The acting President of the Câmara, Pedro Santana Lopes, has also refuted the notion that EMEL had subcontracted its parking meter operations out to a private company.