Socialists want to focus on Faro instead of disgraced mayor

After the news of Faro Mayor Macário Correia’s loss of mandate, the Socialists (PS) are appealing to the executive council of the local authority to “focus on municipal problems and duties instead of wasting time and energy on stalling manoeuvres trying to explain decisions already made”.

Last week, Faro socialist leader Luís Graça said: “The Constitutional Court’s decision just confirmed what the Socialist party said in July last year – that Macário Correia was and has been condemned for repeated violations of the legal land and environmental management resources.”

In a press release, the Socialists said the response from the municipal services to the storm damage recently was of greater importance.

“There was visible evidence of rubbish in the street, knocked-down street signs, holes in the ground, several of them previously existent, as a result of three years of negligence,” said the statement.

Luís Graça said the Socialists urge the municipal administration to focus on a swift response to the storm consequences, mobilising the operational local authority services so that the best conditions of cleaning and road safety in the municipality can be established (also see main story on pages 4 and 5).

Luís Graça said that he considers this a “very timely civic demand”, considering that the majority parties “occupy themselves trying to down-play the mayor’s loss of mandate to the media and the public”.

The press release concludes: “The Faro Socialist party reiterates its commitment to have the right-wing elected members of Faro’s Municipal Authority take their mandate to the end with dignity and serve the basic needs of Faro residents”.

Macário Correia was due to comment on his loss of mandate on Thursday this week, after the Algarve Resident went to press.