Socialists urge CCDR-Algarve president to resign

The Algarve branch of the Socialist Party (PS) has urged David Santos to resign as president of the regional development commission (CCDR-Algarve) after being named president of PSD Algarve on Saturday (January 30).

In a statement, the socialists say Santos “doesn’t have the political conditions” to lead CCDR-Algarve as he is a member of the government’s main opposition.

PS/Algarve says that it will be hard for Santos to “remain impartial” and carry out the orders he receives from a Socialist government when “he is leading the local opposition in his spare time”.

“In similar situations in the past, PS members have quit and offered their position to someone from the government that was in power at the time,” they claim.

The socialists add that the Algarve people “voted for political change” and want “public administration to be by motivated and committed people who want to carry out the same changes” that the government has planned.

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