Socialist leader wants supermajority

António José Seguro, leader of the PS, the main opposition party to the current PSD/CDS-PP coalition government, announced that he wants a “supermajority” to rule and set in motion the Socialist proposals for stability.

Speaking during a nationally broadcasted TV show, he said: “My ambition is for an absolute majority.” He added, however, that he does not mistake “absolute majority for absolute power”.

Even with a 100% vote,Seguro considers that it would be “impossible to rule the country where it is at right now, without continuous dialogue, consensus and coordination – unlike the current government which has isolated itself”.

Commenting on the possibility of Portugal returning to the markets, Seguro considered that the PS had a big contribution to make in that area and stated: “When we return to the markets, it will be very positive for our country.”

He stressed also that it would be important to know what will be the interest rates for the government bonds: “We need to return to the markets with lower interest rates than those we are paying on our debt.”