Socialist government honeymoon continues

THREE MONTHS after his election with an overwhelming majority, José Sócrates’ period of grace with voters appears intact.

A recent poll for Aximage/Correio da Manhã shows that most people consider that the Socialist government is meeting expectations. Only 8.6 per cent of respondents expressed disillusion with the new Socialist government and more than 70 per cent said they still trusted the government to deliver on its promises.

Among opposition Social Democratic (PSD) supporters, 16.8 per cent responded that the government’s performance had been “better than expected” as against 13.7 per cent who expressed dissatisfaction.

Only supporters of the far-left Bloco de Esquerda (BE) expressed hostility to the government, 12 per cent saying that the performance of the government was worse than they expected, as opposed to 10.7 per cent who said it was better than they expected. About 70 per cent retained the same opinion as before the election.