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Social welfare beneficiaries have to work

Beneficiaries of the Social Integration Income (Rendimento Social de Inserção – RSI) will be obliged to work 15 hours per week at municipal câmaras and social solidarity institutions.

Alterations to the rules governing the provision of RSI, a monthly benefit paid to low income individuals, were approved last Thursday by the Council of Ministers.

Pedro Mota Soares, Minister for Solidarity and Social Security, explained that the measure is aimed at people of working age (between 18 and 60), except those with children and dependent elderly people.

Beneficiaries who refuse to work will be removed from the social assistance programme, said the minister, who added that the measure will cover about 50,000 citizens.

There are currently 339,000 people on Social Integration Income in Portugal, 6.4% more than at the beginning of last year.