Social Services docks subsidy over Facebook “joke”

Social Services docks subsidy over Facebook “joke”

A 39-year-old Tomar woman claims to have lost her right to vital RSI funding all because of a jokey photo she posted on Facebook.

The woman who suffered serious injuries in a traffic accident in June used the photo as a way of telling friends she was on her way to hospital for the second of two operations.
Instead of being serious, she posted a picture of a doll on top of a huge pile of suitcases and said “Vou viajar”.

But when she got back from hospital she found that “Big Brother” had well and truly been watching her. A letter from Social Security told her she had lost her monthly state benefit of €285 due to “absence from the country”.

To make matters worse, the Social Security technician who had been trolling the net had actually posted a “like” against the woman’s photo!

As Correio da Manhã reports, the RSI (Rendimento Social de Inserção) is the only income the woman has at the moment, and she has two young children to care for.

She is understood to have registered a complaint with Social Security which has now told her she must get a document from her local parish council to affirm that she did not in fact travel anywhere.

“It is all perfectly ridiculous” the woman told the paper – but she has asked not to be named as she is now only concerned with getting her subsidy back.