Social Security officials arrested on corruption charges

Two high-ranking officials of the Social Security services in Lisbon have been arrested by PJ police this morning (March 4) on corruption charges, reports Correio da Manhã.

The newspaper says the two men are suspected of having sold false statements to dozens of entrepreneurs that certified they didn’t owe any money to Social Security, allowing them to “fraudulently” take part in public tenders.

A lawyer and two auditors have already been arrested for allegedly being involved in the scheme.

CM says that the large-scale PJ operation – conducted by PJ’s National Anti-Corruption Unit – is still ongoing, with over 50 searches conducted so far by 80 investigators.

It is another story of corruption, following the announcement earlier this week that former PJ police inspector and former vice-president of Sporting Football Club Paulo Pereira Cristóvão has been rounded up in a police investigation centring on a crime ring active in the Greater Lisbon area (see:
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