Social quarantine? Yes, of course, but why not pair it with a fine glass of wine?

In a time we are all asked to stay home and do our part in the containment and mitigation of the COVID-19 pandemic, Prime Wine tells us there is no reason why we can’t do it over a glass of good wine.

Established in 2008 and specialising in international wines, the company is now, more than ever, focusing on online orders and home delivery, as they believe it’s of the utmost importance to help reinforce the social distancing and self-quarantine measures the Portuguese government is asking us all to uphold.

Offering a vast selection of the best wines produced in the world, Prime Wine promises to introduce a new special campaign, with amazing prices, each week, to help their customers throughout the Algarve discover and experience new wine regions and flavours that will allow them to “travel to faraway places” without leaving their home. Communication on these campaigns will be done through their website and social media, and the orders, that can be placed online, by e-mail or telephone, will be delivered to your front door.

Why not discover some wines which have never been seen in Portugal before, like a lovely dry Jean-Biecher’s Alsace Riesling, or a really special Pouilly Fuissé (Domaine Trouillet). Not leaving your home can actually be the perfect excuse to expand your horizons and find out the beautiful selection Prime Wine has to offer!

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