Social networking in the Algarve

A new social networking site has been launched, enabling residents of the Algarve to keep in touch via instant messenger at

The site has been created specifically for those living in the region and is available in English, German or Dutch. 

Melanie Buettner from told the Algarve Resident: “This is a great and easy way of meeting new people in the Algarve and we are planning myClub events for the future to allow members to meet in person as well as over the internet.”

There is no registration fee to join; users simply need to give their details in their chosen language to be able to be part of the site.

When on the site, members are then able to instant message other members, set up their profile, share pictures, music and videos with other users and create their own groups.

Melanie Buettner said: “You can set up groups in specific themes such as a walking group where you can update when the group is meeting or if you are looking to go to the cinema once a week you can set up a respective group and see how many people join!”

For further information or to register please visit