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Social evening at eco-market

An eco-friendly market showcasing a wide variety of arts and crafts as well as green technology will be held at São Brás Museum on Saturday, July 14, from 7pm to midnight.

As well as being an opportunity to learn about the different types of renewable energy technology available in the Algarve, the Eco Mercadinho will be an opportunity to enjoy international cuisine and live music.

Music entertainment will be by Barbershop Choirs Cleftomania & Bella A Capella, Veredas da Memória (traditional Portuguese music), Orquestra Suma Covjek (music from the Balkans) and jazz. Entrance to the event is free.

To take part in the market (from €10 for individual private stall holders) or for more information, please contact Vânia Mendonça on 966 329 073 or email [email protected]