Soccer Olhanense Strollers defend title

Soccer Olhanense Strollers (SOS) will defend the Algarve Walking Football Tournament title, which they won last year, at Browns Sports & Leisure Club, Vilamoura on October 6-7.

Eight teams will compete for the prestigious trophy: Chesterton Crusaders (Staffordshire), Exeter City (Devon), Ayr United FC and Heart of Midlothian (Scotland), SOS A and B (Olhão), TOFFS (Tavira Old Floundering Footballers) and Browns Walking Footballers.

All players must be over 50 years-of-age, with no running on or off the ball, only three touches allowed and no tackling from behind or slide tackles.

Plans are well advanced to open a new Walking Football venue at São Bras de Alportel in mid-November.