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Soares attacks Cavaco face-to-face

DESPITE PROMISING he would not make more personal attacks, PS presidential candidate Mário Soares blasted PSD opponent Cavaco Silva on national television.

In a face-to-face debate before Christmas, Soares said Cavaco Silva “didn’t really have a democratic training”, claimed he was “presenting a candidature of risk”, blasted him for “trying to present himself as the country’s saviour” and attacked him for creating expectations in the Portuguese that he couldn’t possibly fulfil.

In his counter offensive, the former Prime Minister said the risk was that Portugal was fast approaching half-a-million unemployed and being left behind in Europe. “I know very well what the functions of the President of the Republic are and say further that the post should be an active one, collaborating with the government, creating confidence and trying to formulate and push forward strategies,” he said.