So much more than just spas

Algarve Hot Tubs had a busy 2008, dedicated to their core product of spas from the amazing MasterSpa range.

Now, in 2009, Algarve Hot Tubs have decided to expand its range of products in Portugal to include some of the other already successful products from their Scandinavian and UK-based shops.

Some new additions in Portugal include the Gullberg & Jannson range of pool heat pumps. These uniquely stainless steel clad machines are fabricated to exacting standards of quality in Sweden and are incredibly quiet and efficient.

They draw heat from the ambient air and convert it into heat for your pool, making them simply the most cost effective way to heat a pool here in Portugal.

With a Gullberg & Jannson pool heat pump, clients are able to supply 1.6kw of energy and get out over 9kw for less than 2,000 euros.

Full range

Other new products available from Algarve Hot Tubs include a full range of pool covers, both solar and thermal, and a choice of manual or automatic roller mechanisms while the company also stocks a full range of removable certified child safety fencing systems for pools and a complete range of pumps, filters, heaters, LED lights, alarms and games.

For further information about the products available from Algarve Hot Tubs, please call 969 806 472 for free advice and a free quote.