So long, it’s been good to know you

news: So long, it’s been good to know you

WHEN YOU have worked and enjoyed life in Portugal for so long, it’s always difficult to say goodbye when you have to leave.

And if you are a teacher, it’s doubly difficult, not only because you have to say goodbye to the students, but also to the many work colleagues whose friendships you have forged throughout the years.

This was the case for Tim Lewis who, after teaching at St. Julian’s School in Carcavelos for seven years, is now leaving the school to take on a teaching position in Tokyo. Last Thursday, many a tear was evident, first from the students who will see the break-up of friendships as students leave the school, and later at lunch, from a number of leaving teachers, including Tim.

Headmaster David Smith and all his staff wish those leaving all the best for a great future and hope that the time at St Julian’s had been memorable. David presented a gift to one of the guards, who will be retiring after giving 15 years of service to the school. B.H.