Marta Temido - Lusa

SNS ‘user fees’ to fall in June

… almost every SNS charge will go, promises health minister

SNS ‘user fees’ (taxas moderadoras) will be ending in June – except in the case of people who attend A&E without being sent by official channels (ie a health centre or the SNS24 helpline) and do not end up being admitted to hospital.

The guarantee came this afternoon from health minister Marta Temido, during the second day of debate of the government’s proposed State Budget.

Ms Temido added that 33,000 Ukrainian refugees have already been given access to the SNS State health system (on exactly the same terms as Portuguese nationals and official residents).

The budget is certain to pass today’s ‘vote in generality’. Debates have seen the government continue to justify its ‘relevance’ in a programme designed to power growth and at the same time reduce debt, in spite of opposition pessimissim.

Ms Temido referred to her ministry’s €700 million budget, saying it will allow for investment in further (much-needed) health professionals.[email protected]