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SN&N Optico prides itself on having a unique selection of frames from independent suppliers from around the world, to offer their clients. However, equally impressive is the varifocal lenses that they use, which are supplied by Essilor France.

Managing director Brian Neville explains how Essilor, the makers of Varilux lenses, are not only the very best on the market, but they are also the biggest supplier of varifocal lenses in the world.

SN&N supply the full range of Varilux lenses, from the introductory budget Liberty lens, which not only offers great value for money, but also grants a great range in fields of vision; to the new Varilux X design, which uses exclusive patented technology to give the best reading and intermediate ranges of vision in the business, virtually eliminating the swim effect often associated with varifocal lenses.

Most varifocal lenses have tiny imperfections caused by the curvature of the lens surface, which can distort the way you see. Only Varilux lenses possess feature WAVE Technology that virtually removes those distortions. The result is simple but impressive, to say the least – it eliminates blurriness, providing superior sharp vision even in dimly-lit conditions.

As well as Varilux lenses, SN&N Optico can also supply any other brand of varifocal lenses such as Zeiss, Sola and Kodak.

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