Snipers “ready to intervene” as Ariana Grande performs at MEO arena

With a name now synonymous with the horror of a terrorist attack, 23-year-old American singer Ariana Grande continues her world tour – arriving in Lisbon to perform at the MEO arena on Sunday. PSP police in charge of security have admitted that snipers will be part of the tight security in force, starting today with the arrival of Puerto Rican sensation Ricky Martin.

Martin will be performing this (Friday) evening, as throughout the country the ‘summer festival season’ gets underway.

Ahead of both concerts, police will be checking the massive arena complex for explosives, reports Correio da Manhã, though there are no specific “terrorist alerts” in place.

“The idea is that an ostentatious show police manpower will keep vehicles from approaching people”, said the paper – adding that “anti-car barriers” with be in place “equipped with metal spikes capable of blowing tyres”, while “suspicious vehicles” will be searched.

Agents on duty will be carrying machine and shotguns – again as part of the ‘ostentatious show of force’.

“Special snipers are for prevention only, and will act rapidly if necessary”, continues CM.

“The main concern of the PSP is the presence of explosives both in and outside the concert areas. Thus, the anti-mine brigade has orders to hold two sweeps before the shows, and to act rapidly in case of any suspicions”.

CM adds that plain-clothes officers will be working the crowd during both concerts, to “detect any suspicious behaviour”, stressing that police are particularly concerned by the fact that Ariana Grande’s fans are “very young” – just as a number of the victims and casualties at the singer’s show in Manchester were during last month’s suicide attack in Manchester that killed 22.

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