Smoke kills infant

A FIRE which broke out in a home in Senhora da Rocha, Lagoa, led to the death of a four-year-old child on Saturday evening.

Diogo dos Santos was found unconscious on the living room floor by his grandfather, who rushed him to the bombeiros in Lagoa. Despite their best efforts to revive him, Diogo died soon after.

The infant had been left alone while his grandfather went outside to the outhouse. When he began to smell smoke and returned to the house, he saw clouds of smoke. The lights were out in the living room, but he managed to find Diogo.

He picked him up and took him outside, where he tried to revive his grandson. When there was no response from Diogo, he drove him to the bombeiros.

He ran into the Lagoa fire station and while they waited for an ambulance, the bombeiros performed CPR. Diogo died before reaching the hospital.

The grandfather was taken to Portimão Judicial Police station in the early hours of Sunday morning, where he was interviewed. Investigators cordoned off the house where the fire occurred until Sunday afternoon.

It is believed Diogo found his grandfather’s lighter and caused the fire himself and early indications suggest that it has been ruled an accident.

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