Smartphone love affair continues

Portuguese people remain in love with their smartphones and during the first half of 2013 sales increased 73.9%, according to data from the Portuguese Association of Distribution Companies (APED).

“This is not only proof that Portuguese consumers love new technologies, but that they are preparing themselves for a new means of consumption, especially online, that is about to kick off,” said Ana Isabel Trigo Morais, general-director of APED.

Smartphone sales reached €75.2 million, and were followed by a 22.1% rise in mobile phone accessories and tablet sales, which led to a €9.2 million gain.

Food sector sales grew 2.1% leading to a €5 billion revenue, while non-food sector trades decreased 6.1% to €3.6 billion.

The scenery is not as positive in other sectors. Entertainment and stationery sectors fell 11.9% to €119 million, while clothing purchases also dropped 11.3% to €807 million, among other sectors that felt the effect of the economic crisis.

“It is a clear sign of families’ lower income despite the lower prices on the market,” said Trigo Morais, in a sombre-concluding statement: “We will be ending the year with losses.”