Partial view of the inside of one of Optimax's eyeware and glasses stores

Smart eyewear – glasses that exceed expectations

Have you ever considered a time when you can make or receive calls without having to use your cell phone? Or listen to music without the headphones that muffle the sounds around you? Or, better yet, imagine that you are driving and the phone rings… If you have a hands-free system in your vehicle, you can easily take that call, but there are issues that you may prefer remain private, if you’re with someone in the car. What if the solution is in your glasses?

Smart glasses are not new, but the complexity, price and lack of aesthetics have limited their use. However, when glasses’ design and production experience is combined with the most advanced technology on the market, the result exceeds expectations.

Light and discreet, iGreen Smart look like regular glasses but are so much more than that! Extremely easy to use, iGreen smart glasses connect to your phone via Bluetooth, quickly and intuitively, with a range of up to nine meters. The microphone and headset are aesthetically embedded in the frame and, with a simple touch, you will be able to receive calls and listen to music clearly, without any noise interference and, above all, without compromising your privacy. And the icing on the cake is that you can try out these smart glasses at Optimax’s stores in Faro, Algarve.

The elegant unisex style frame is available in two colours to ensure you find the perfect model for your face. The lenses allow for a natural and comfortable vision, thanks to the blue light protection filter, or you can opt for prescription lenses at any time, if you prefer.

At Optimax, you will find the most modern optometry equipment and a team of qualified professionals to assess the quality of your vision.

Because some things we have to see for ourselves, try out the iGreen Smart at Optimax, with no obligation. We guarantee that you will not want to leave the store without them!

Faro (R. S. António) – (+351) 289 894 420 | (+351) 910 798 227
Faro (R. Aboim Ascensão) – (+351) 289 894 404 | (+351) 917 597 576
Faro (Av. 5 Outubro) – (+351) 289 894 410 | (+351) 917 597 577
Quarteira – (+351) 289 389 526 | (+351) 917 595 020
Vilamoura – (+351) 289 302 217 | (+351) 917 597 104
Messines – (+351) 282 333 305 | (+351) 917 597 596
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An optician holding a pair of smart glasses and showing all its features namely Bluetooth 5.0, ability to listen and speak through them, and  blue light protection

View of the inside of one of Optimax's eyeware and glasses stores in the Algarve

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