Small potatoes

Dear Editor,
I am constantly baffled by the complaints in the Algarve about the EN125. Of course it is difficult road. It has a huge amount of traffic to deal with, and there are lots of areas where improvements are needed. But just travel north a bit and you will see far worse. Roads where, literally, you take your life in your hands. National roads leading to Lisbon, for example, are pitted with unimaginable horrors. There is a stretch of the N10 that actually appears to have tarmacked molehills on its borders, so that any pulling over to let impatient drivers pass will see you instantly lose your undercarriage (or worse). Then, outside Lisbon in the direction of Sintra, there is the IC19, a multi-carriageway strip of mayhem where drivers frequently change multiple lanes at high speed without even indicating.
Our family sightseeing trip saw us all returning to the welcoming one-horse Algarve and delighting in the simplicity and relative calm of our very own ‘death-trap EN125’.
Cathy P.