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Small business, big difference

Armed with information about reliable services, sub-contractors and businesses, property management company Marques & Morelli has created an exclusive directory of recommended businesses that they have formed partnerships with to promote refurbishment.

They now advise and carry out refurbishing, redecorating and interior design projects on offices, rental properties and holiday homes.

Worn out furniture is recycled, some refinished and old pieces are made to look new.

An example of the Marques & Morelli work is available as a gift set at Porches Pottery (see picture). It is a combination of local products: cork, wrought iron and art from the pottery store, with a percentage of the earnings donated to Lar de Crianças Bom Samaritano, a children’s home in Alvor.

For more information, please contact Paula on 917 864 552 or Isabel on 963 771 126 or visit