Slow is beautiful

Journey along the Via Algarviana with a donkey during a special 18-day trek organised by Burros & Artes in conjunction with the environmental association Almargem.

Participants in the trek are able to take part in the entire journey or join at different points along the rural route.

The trek will begin in Alcoutim on October 27, with those taking part finishing in Aljezur on November 14, after having walked the entire length of the Algarve.

The aim of the trek is to travel at a relaxed pace through the Algarve countryside with organisers hoping to promote the theme of “slow is beautiful”.

Donkeys will be used to carry luggage along the route and will help to keep the pace slow along the journey with lots of breaks.

The basic price of taking part in the trek is 39 Euros per person per day, with meals and accommodation costing extra.