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Sleep well

Adding a mattress topper is like giving your bed a little “makeover” – it’s the skincare routine for your sleeping surface!

The main reasons people invest in a topper are for health and comfort.

  • Comfort enhancement: To add a layer of softness or firmness to an existing mattress, improving overall comfort.
  • Pressure relief: Mattress toppers, especially memory foam ones, can help relieve pressure points and reduce discomfort.
  • Spinal alignment: Toppers with good support can help maintain proper spinal alignment, reducing the risk of back pain.
  • Mattress protection: Toppers can act as a protective barrier, guarding the mattress against spills, stains, and wear.
  • Temperature regulation: Some toppers, like those made from gel-infused memory foam, can provide better temperature regulation for a cooler sleep.
  • Old mattress revitalisation: To breathe new life into an aging mattress without investing in a new one.
    • Allergy prevention: Hypoallergenic toppers can be chosen to create a barrier against allergens. Thus, providing a healthier sleep environment for those with allergies.
  • Cost-effective solution: It’s often more budget-friendly to invest in a topper than to buy an entirely new mattress.
    • Motion isolation: Memory foam toppers can minimise motion transfer, making them beneficial for couples to enjoy undisturbed sleep.
Memory foam topper
Memory foam topper

So, when you are buying a mattress topper, consider the factors, material (memory foam, latex, feather, etc.), and your personal preferences. Check for features such as breathability, support, and hypoallergenic properties. Additionally, make sure the topper size matches your mattress, and read reviews to get insights into real-world comfort and durability experiences.

Quality mattress toppers play a pivotal role in transforming a good night’s sleep into an exceptional one. Among the diverse array of toppers available, there are standout options. Memory foam toppers and cotton-covered luxury deep toppers offer distinct virtues that cater to varying preferences and needs, providing a blend of comfort, support, and luxury.

Memory foam toppers have gained immense popularity for their exceptional ability to conform to the body’s contours, offering unparalleled comfort and support. Their viscoelastic properties adapt to individual body shapes, providing personalised cushioning and evenly distributing body weight. This feature not only relieves pressure points but also assists in aligning the spine, thus minimising discomfort and fostering better sleep quality.

Furthermore, these toppers excel in isolating motion transfer, making them an ideal choice for couples. The material’s ability to absorb movement ensures minimal disturbance when one partner shifts position during the night, promoting uninterrupted rest.


Linen-etc.com memory foam topper comes with a removable, washable bamboo cover. This bamboo cover is thermo regulated and offers temperature control. This topper has a unique moisture management system which ensures you remain cool and dry and can actively help counter the effects of night sweats and hot flushes. The high-density latex foam is 4cm and ideal for hard beds as it gives relief to the body’s pressure points. Washable up to 40ºC.

Our cotton-covered luxury deep topper “Dale” presents a different set of virtues. Dale is a five-star hotel quality topper manufactured with a honeycomb construction, so no clumping. It is made of ball fibre with a cotton cambric cover, so ideal for hot weather. This 7cm deep topper is secured with corner straps and softens a firm mattress. The softness of the cotton cover adds a touch of luxury to the sleeping experience, making it an appealing choice for those seeking a more indulgent feel.

Our third option is also designed for hot and humid countries. The Tencel® quilted topper and protector adds luxury to your existing mattress. This is a pad that is made of Tencel® (a derivative of eucalyptus and polyester), suitable for use as a luxury protector. With a fitted skirt. Washable up to 60ºC. If you already have a good mattress and want to enhance your sleep, this is ideal and very well priced.

Now you know there are many benefits to buying and sleeping on a topper.  The choice depends on individual preferences and your specific needs.

Sleep well.

By Karen Love
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