Sleep well with insect solutions

HAVING FOUND little or no choice of mosquito bed canopies in the Algarve when they moved here, Deborah and Jim Guthrie decided to start Insect Solutions, a company dedicated to providing a range of quality handmade bed canopies.

“All that we could find were the plain round hoops to place over beds with plain white netting,” said Deborah Guthrie, adding: “We want to offer people a range of styles and colour options that will complement their homes and make this insect solution both attractive and functional.”

Insect Solutions provide canopies and frames that will suit every client with a wide variety of sizes and shapes to protect all types of beds.

There are currently 35 different colours of fine nylon netting to choose from and the entire structure is handmade to order. Additional fabric may also be supplied by the client, which can be added to the top of the canopy by Insect Solutions to match it to the room’s decoration.

Clients are not just offered a mosquito net when they buy from Insect Solutions, they are offered the entire package including frames, brackets, netting and the fitting of the item at their property.

“As well as the made-to-order bed canopies, we also keep a ready stock of basic round nets in all 35 colours for clients to buy straight from us,” said Jim Guthrie, adding: “We also sell travel nets and will soon be offering outdoor mosquito solutions for patios and verandas.”

For more information and a free quotation please telephone 913 608 141 or email [email protected] Alternatively visit their website