Sleep-deprived residents demand end to Albufeira strip “excesses”

Residents of Albufeira’s famous bar strip are demanding an end to the “drunken excesses” that take place every night in the town’s Oura district, which they complain is keeping them from getting a decent night’s sleep.

“The noise, drunken fights and stripteases on the street” are only some of the problems that have residents covering their ears with pillows in the late hours of the night.

Saying the situation gets “worse every year”, the residents have created a Facebook page entitled Praia da Oura – Parem com os excessos (Stop the excesses), which had more than 3,100 likes on Friday morning (June 19).

“We are worried,” local mayor Carlos Silva e Sousa told Correio da Manhã newspaper, adding that he and his council are planning changes to the rules of local restaurants and bars to “make them more effective”.

But according to the politician, many of the problems can only be solved by the police.

“The problem is the law doesn’t give them much room to act,” he lamented.

According to CM, authorities deal with at least 10 alcohol-fueled problems on the strip every night.

In April, GNR police had to free a young British man who had been stripped naked, doused in alcohol and flour, and tied to a lamppost with cling film – with a bottle wedged between his buttocks.