Skydiving festival attracts 250 daredevils to Portimão

Around 250 skydivers are expected to take part in Portimão’s ‘Spring Boogie 2016’ festival which will take place between Saturday (April 2) and April 17 at the town’s aerodrome in Alvor.

Organised by Skydive Algarve, the event is held every spring and seen as a much-needed boost for the economy during the low season.

Skydivers will be flying in from all over Europe, including Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Norway, England, Ireland, Spain and others parts of Portugal – most of them accompanied by their families.

Several jumps will take place over Praia de Alvor, giving skydivers “a chance to land on the beach while enjoying the beautiful sunset of Alvor”.

Two Dornier G92 aircrafts will be used, allowing 15 skydivers to jump at a time.

The G92s are used in the UK’s most popular skydiving event, the British Skydiving Championships, the organisers point out.

Though safety is a priority, previous skydiving events have been marked by tragedy.

As the Resident reported last year, four people have died in skydiving accidents at the aerodrome between 2012 and 2015 click here