Skydiver “seriously hurt” in bad landing at Portimão municipal aerodrome

A 27-year-old skydiver is reported to have been seriously injured yesterday (Thursday) during an otherwise textbook jump out of Portimão municipal aerodrome.

Tabloid Correio da Manhã stresses that hundreds of skydivers “from all over the world” travel to events organised by Skydive Algarve at the aerodrome, with the inference that the number of accidents is minimal.

But high winds have often been cited as a contributory factor to incidents, and they were cited again yesterday when the Saudi skydiver lost control of his chute “when he was almost touching the ground”.

The result was that the he is understood to have “violently hit the meteorological station at the Municipal Aerodrome, suffering serious injuries”, says the paper.

Emergency firefighters attending the scene said the young man was “immobilised and taken to hospital”.

Skydive Algarve is poised to host another hugely popular event, the 13th Freefly Championships where jumpers can reach speeds of up to 300 kms/ hour, says CM.

Nonetheless, past events have been marked by tragedies (click here).

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