Skydiver dies in new aerodrome horror: all jumps suspended “for at least two days”

A 19-year-old ‘seasoned skydiver’ died this morning during what otherwise appeared to be a textbook jump from Portimão aerodrome.

Explain reports, the youngster’s parachute “opened normally” but there was “a failing in the landing manoeuvre” that saw him “hit the landing area with great violence”.

All jumps programmed for the next few days have been suspended, a source for Skydive Seven has confirmed, suggesting the moratorium will run “for at least two days”.

Reporting on the tragedy, TVI 24 said “this is not first fatal accident to happen at Portimão Municipal Aerodrome though in statistical terms thousands of jumps take place there every year”.

Investigations are now ongoing to try and determine what exactly went wrong.

In the past, cross winds have been a factor in fatal accidents (click here)

Today’s victim – despite his young age – has been described as a seasoned jumper, having first taken up the radical sport when he was just 16.

The accident happened shortly after 10am.

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