Skilful sculpting

Award winning sand sculptors from across the globe are currently busy at work on a closed site near Algoz, creating more masterpieces for FIESA (Festival Internacional de Escultura em Areia) 2004. The theme for this summer’s sand art is mythical stories and fairy tales and, already, after only one week’s work, the sculptures are beginning to take shape.

From now until the opening on May 22, The Resident will be reporting on the progress of the art works as they emerge from the piles of sand that now sit on the plot of land, to result in intricate and captivating sculptures. Pictured here is the process that the sculptors use.

To begin, the sculptor takes collapsible boxes (see picture one) and fills them with a mixture of sand and water. These boxes work as a height indicator and the sculptor continues to pack box on top of box until the desired height is reached. The next step in the procedure is to remove the top collapsible box and get to work.

Picture two shows a sculptor, in the early stages of creating sand art, after the shape and height have been decided on and the top box removed.

The third picture shows Jamie Warley from West Yorkshire, who has been sculpting for two years and has won first prize for an ice sculpture he created in a competition in Finland. Speaking about his work he explained: “It’s a castle and a flower merged – a flower with windows, if you like.” This particular piece has, so far, taken the artist around one week.

The final picture on the right is of Radovan Zivny from the Czech Republic. His theme is Aladdin and, so far, this sculpture has taken him five days.

Next week: an update on how the sculptors and their sculptures are progressing.