Skaters help to raise awareness

By: Caroline Cunha

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MORE THAN 66,000 euros was raised by Forum Algarve in Faro at its ice rink over Christmas towards an awareness campaign about the dangers of global warming.

A giant cheque for 66,507.02 euros was presented on Monday to Margarida Castro, president of the Centro de Ciência Viva do Algarve (CCVAlg), the living science centre of the Algarve, which will be leading the development of an educational and awareness campaign in the region focussing on global warming.

Representatives from other entities involved in the project were also present, including Professor Dr Adelino Canário, president of the Centro de Ciências do Mar do Algarve (CCMAR), the marine science centre of the Algarve and Maria José Nunes, director of the Comissão Coordenação e Desenvolvimento da Região do Algarve (CCDRA), the commission for the co-ordination and development of the Algarve region.

The amount raised will be used to fund a range of initiatives, including the staging of a competition for school pupils in the Algarve with a global warming theme.

Forum Algarve in Faro will be hosting an exhibition on the same topic to draw attention to the consequences of global warming. An area will be set up for the study of climate change at CCVAlg, in Faro, for children aged between eight and 12 years, which will be available for a minimum of 10 years. Several conferences will be organised at the Algarve University on global warming, beginning in June and debates will be organised at schools throughout the region.

Carlos Costa, told the media that Forum Algarve was committed to preserving the environment and that the shopping centre is delighted to support projects affecting the community, particularly a global problem such as global warming.

During his speech he listed data being forecast by world experts on global warming: by 2010, temperatures could increase by between 1.4 and 5.8 degrees centigrade, he highlighted the current worrying changes in Europe’s weather, mentioning the storms in Northern Europe and the unusually hot weather currently being experienced in northern Spain and the South of France. All the entities agreed that this is one of the most critical issues affecting the world today and that it was not only the responsibility of scientists to highlight the problem and encourage action.

A total of around 33,000 people skated on the ice rink, which was installed at the shopping centre for the festive period and was dismantled on January 7.

Over the festival period, environmental education was also promoted.

For further information about the activities at Centro de Ciência Viva do Algarve, visit or call 289 890 920 or 962 422 093.

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