Six illegal workers ordered to leave Portugal

Six illegal workers have been told to leave Portugal following raids by Portugal’s border authority (SEF) at a farm in the Alentejo and at two beaches in the Algarve.

Four of the foreigners were found working at an agricultural site in Ferreira do Alentejo in the district of Beja in a joint operation with the GNR police, SEF announced in a statement last week.

They were given 20 days to leave the Schengen Area, the border authority added.

In total, 14 foreigners were found working at the farm, most of them from South America and Eastern Europe.

SEF added that the employers are also facing charges for using “illegal labour”.

The two other illegal immigrants were found working at two beaches in Albufeira and were also ordered to leave the country. The operation was carried out with the help of maritime police and the GNR and identified a total of 15 foreign workers.

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